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You’ll find here selected articles and reviews about Noah and his work, books, and research.

What the critics say…

Noah Charney is an important bridge between museums and the general public. -Guillermo Solana, Director of the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

Noah Charney is the Sherlock Holmes of art theft. Beyond his great sleuthing prowess, he writes with the simple grace of a novelist and the erudition of a scholar. -Mark Lamster, author of Master of Shadows

On Museum of Lost Paintings:

"Charney curates a collection of masterpieces that, though destroyed, misplaced or stolen, may no longer be seen. Yet they play a crucial role in our culture."

-The Times (UK)

"Charney picks out some of the greatest lost cultural artifacts in history and tells vivid tales of their bitter ends. Charney delivers..."


“It could be the plot of a Hollywood action film...The Museum of Lost Art carefully documents how the violence and vagaries of war, looting, accidents, vandalism and natural disasters will always wreak havoc on art—and why the protection of works against these kinds of dangers is vital."

-The Economist

On Collector of Lives:


2017 BOOKS OF THE YEAR -The Sunday Times (UK)

This engaging biography frames him as the first writer to capture the transformation of artists from mere “craftsmen” to “thinkers.” Noting that, before that era, it was unusual for art to be commissioned solely on the strength of an artist’s name, the authors credit Vasari with “the invention of art”—the creation of a world in which ascribing a painting to Leonardo, for example, may transform our perception of its worth. Their account of Vasari’s Tuscany, and of the facts (and fictions) that went into his “Lives,” is a fitting tribute to their subject’s biographical achievements.

-The New Yorker

Ingrid Rowland...and Noah Charney wear their erudition lightly in this gracefully written biography.

-The New York Times

You should read it.

-The Washington Post

On The Art of Forgery:

A rattling good read. - The Art Newspaper online

Excellent… Beautifully written and illustrated. - Tatler

How satisfying...the material is so rich. -Washington Post

Charney is a natural storyteller...Beneath his apparent lightness of touch, he asks intelligent questions, melding theory with illustrative anecdote along the way...Delightful fun.  -Times of London

On The Art Thief:

Fascinating details about Caravaggio and Vermeer, the lucrative business of art forgery and the sophisticated thieves who steal priceless paintings. -USA Today

An engaging whodunit. -Financial Times (UK)

The reader will be rewarded by learning a great deal about art history, especially iconic art.  The shell game continues to the very end. Who are the thieves, and who are the investigators? THE ART THIEF is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. -The Book Reporter

Clever and addictive. . . . If Charney can repeat this success, he might do for the art world what Tom Clancy has done for the military-technology milieu. -Richmond Times-Dispatch

A very accomplished debut novel. . . . Charney, an accomplished crime expert, fills this novel with a great deal of intriguing background detail. . . . I look forward to more from Charney. - Publishing News

Descriptively brilliant and filled with witticisms, this fine romp features a clever and well-drawn cast of characters, as well as educates readers about real masterpieces and the artists behind them. -Rocky Mountain News

A romp of a thriller. -The Guardian

On Stealing the Mystic Lamb:
An intriguing blend of reportage and art history, providing what is in effect a remarkable “biography” of this beautiful and tough survivor [The Ghent Altarpiece]. -The Sunday Times UK

Well-written and thorough, this book reminds us of the influence and fragility of art, our venality and heroism, and the delights found in both the beautiful and the strange. -The Cleveland Plain Dealer

A brisk tale of true-life heroism, villainy, artistry and passion. -Kirkus Reviews

In scrupulous detail, Charney divulges the secrets of the revered painting’s past, and in doing so, gives readers a history lesson on art crime, a still-prospering black market. -Christian Science Monitor

I am awed by the magnitude of the things I don’t know. Although art is surely a subjective experience, expertise is often required to nudge one along to appreciation. I would not have paused to look at 'The Mystic Lamb' without Charney’s back-story. It still does not appeal to me as a thing of beauty or as inspiration. But I confess, Charney has me wishing I could see the Altarpiece in Ghent.” -The Providence Journal, Book of the Year

Deftly narrated. -Los Angeles Times

Wonderfully learned and entertaining…innovative and elegant. -Catholic Herald

Selected Press on Noah and his Work

O Vinu (SLO)

Dec 2022

Foreword Reviews

July 2022

Radio Ognjisce (SLO)

July 2022

The Guardian

16 July 2022

La Nacion (ARG)

7 April 2022

BBC Pick of the Week

27 March 2022

Artwork Archive

Oct 2021

NeDelo (SLO)

16 Sept 2021

The Art Newspaper (on The Devil in the Gallery)

9 September 2021

Publisher's Weekly Top 20 Books 2021 (on The Devil in the Gallery)

August 2021

Publisher's Weekly (on Making It)

June 2021

Publisher's Weekly (on The Devil in the Gallery)

June 2021

Po svetu: Ameriski BBQ (Slo)

May 2021

Best Books on Art Crime

May 2021

Writing for Publication (Slo)

10 Feb 2021

Virtual Vernissage (Italy)

12 Jan 2021

Intelekta (RTV Slovenia)

2 Jan 2021


Kultura (RTV Slovenia)

14 Dec 2020

Twisted Podcast

Dec 2020

The Art Newspaper

Dec 2020

Smithsonian Magazine

Nov 2020

FAD Magazine

Nov 2020


Nov 2020


Nov 2020

Celeb Magazine

Nov 2020

The Luxe Review

Nov 2020


Nov 2020


Nov 2020

Total Slovenia (SLO)

22 Nov 2020

Vogue (IT)

Nov 2020 

La Repubblica (IT)

Nov 2020

Vanity Fair (IT)

Nov 2020

The Art Newspaper

Nov 2020

The Collector

Nov 2020

Nextech (Slovakia)

Nov 2020


Nov 2020

Turisticna Zveza Slovenije (SLO)

Oct 2020

Lipov List (SLO)

Oct 2020

Pop TV 24ur

26 Aug 2020

"Moving Roadmap" Podcast

Aug 2020

"Constant Wonder" Podcast

Aug 2020

"Drugi Pogled" (RTV)

July 2020

"Empowering Parents, Superpowering Kids" (Thrive)

June 2020

"Artistry from Ship To Shore" (Forbes)

Sept 2019

"A smo lusni" (VAL 202)

18 June 2019

Undiscovered the Podcast

30 Apr 2019

Ads of the World

April 2019

VAL 202

27 Jan 2019

Total Slovenia

23 Jan 2019



23 Dec 2018


Issue 5

The Guardian (UK)

5 Dec 2018

Art Matters (UK)

4 Dec 2018

Sobotna Priloga (SLO)

2 Dec 2018

La Repubblica (Italia)

13 July 2018

Svet Kapitala (SLO)

17 July 2018

Telegraph (Turkey)

5 July 2018

El Pais (Spain)

2 July 2018

Halcyon Magazine

July 2018

CBS This Morning

23 June 2018

Art This Week

11 June 2018

Financial Times

10 June 2018


June 2018

CBC Radio Q

29 May 2018

Architectural Digest

May 2018

"Good Morning Texas"

May 2018


May 2018

"On Living in Slovenia"

Canadian Slovenian Association

May 2018

"The Many Ways Art Goes Missing"

The Economist

10 May 2018

"Learn How to Write Books"

2 May 2018

"Has the Best Art in the World Been Destroyed?"


2 May 2018

"Inside the Museum of Missing Wonders"

The Times (UK)

28 April 2018

"More Than Half of the Works in This Museum are Fake"

1 May 2018

"Roseanne Can't Be Reduced to a Single Episode"

9 April 2018

"American v Sloveniji" (SI)

27 Feb 2018

And I Thought Podcast

24 Dec 2017

Vecer (SI)

13 Dec 2017

Postcard Academy Podcast Appearance

Dec 2017

New Yorker

11 Dec 2017

New York Times

1 Dec 2017

Sunday Times (UK)

11 Nov 2017

Wall Street Journal

13 Oct 2017

Washington Post

4 October 2017


13 Nov 2017

Wall Street Journal

13 Oct 2017

Washington Post

4 Oct 2017

Dead Ideas (podcast)

1 Oct 2017

Fokus (SLO)

24 Sept 2017

Profil (SLO)

Sept 2017

Ona Plus (SLO)

29 Aug 2017


2 Aug 2017

RTV Radio (SLO)

26 July 2017

NeDelo (SLO)

16 July 2017


15 July 2017

Delo (SLO)

11 July 2017

Delo (SLO)

5 Predmetev

9 July 2017


22 June 2017

VAL 202 (SLO)

3 April 2017


"In the Eye of the Barbarian"

21 Feb 2017


Delo (SLO)

"Mozje kot slovenski uvozni artikel"

22 Nov 2016

Le Parisien (FR)

"A La Recherche de la Chambre d'Ambre"

16 Sept 2016

De Morgen (BE)

"Hoe 'De rechtvaardige rechters' blijven fascineren: "Dat ding moet gewoon terug"

14 Oct 2016

Siol (SLO)

"Noah iz ZDA"

3 Sept 2016

Corriere della Sera magazine (ITA)

"Se la truffa sa di beffa"

28 Aug 2016

Radio Ci Sta

8 Aug 2016


"What to Expect from the Release of the Panama Papers"

9 May 2016

Slate's The Gist (podcast)

26 April 2016

Evil Twin (podcast)

30 Apr 2016

El Cultural (Spain)

"Falsarios ilustres"

21 April 2016

RTV Radio 1 (Slovenija)

"Kamnik je alpska verzija Norman Rockwella"

26 Jan 2016

Siol (Slovenija)

"Noah Charney: Interview"

30 Jan 2016

NPR Morning Edition

"Art World Captivated by Knoedler Trial"

3 Feb 2016

Finance (Slovenija)

"Je Pozar z Melanio odkril formula za uspeh v e-zaloznistvu?"

23 Feb 2016

The Art Newspaper

"What do we really know about IS's role in the illiicit antiquities trade?"

1 March 2016

The Independent

"Rathkeale Rovers convicted of 57 million plot"

29 Feb 2016

Selected Press on Noah and His Work (2008-2015)

Publication: International Fine Arts Registry
Title: “Putting a Dent in Art Crime”
Author: Anayat Durrani
Publication Date: 12 October 2006

Publication: Delo (Slovene National Daily Newspaper)
Title: Ne gre za elitisticni zlocin, s krajami izgubljamo vsi
Author: Agata Tomašič
Photographer: Agata Tomašič
Publication Date: 14 November 2006

Publication: New York Times Magazine
Title: “To Sketch a Thief”
Author: Tom Mueller
Photographer: Stefan Ruiz
Publication Date: 17 December 2006

Publication: Dnevnik (Slovene National Daily Newspaper)
Title: “Mona Lisa se je skrivala v spalnici” (trans. from Slovene)
Author: Uroš Škerl
Publication Date: 10 February 2007

Publication: Radio Slovenia News Show
Title: “Art Theft” (trans. from Slovene)
Author: Simona Petric
Publication Date: 13 February 2007

Publication: Mladina (Slovene Weekly News Magazine)
Title: “Profile: Art Thief” (trans. From Slovene)
Author: Urša Mlarn
Photographer: Borut Krajnc
Publication Date: 17 February 2007

Publication: Ventiquattro (Italian Weekly Magazine)
Title: “Occhi del Detetivo”
Author: Livia Manera
Photographer: Giovanni Troilo
Publication Date: 14 April 2007

Publication: Radio interview, National Public Radio
Title: Art Crime piece on “Morning Edition”
Author: Frank Browning
Publication Date: 31 May 2007

Publication: Connecticut Post
Title: “New Haven Native Noah Charney Delivers ‘The Art Thief’”
Author: Joe Myers
Publication Date: 30 September 2007

Publication: Vogue (Spain)
Title: “Atrapa a un Ladron”
Author: Leticia Echavarri
Photographer: Giovanni Troilo

Publication Date: October 2007

Publication: Gaceta de los Negocios (Spain)
Title: “Entenderia che los griegos robaran al British Museum”
Author: Jesus Maqueda
Photographer: Jesus Maqueda
Publication Date: 3 October 2007

Publication: La Clave (Spain)
Title: “Por Los Bajos Fondos del Arte”
Author: Ernesto Parra

Photographer: Ernesto Parra

Publication Date: 9 October 2007

Publication: La Razon (Spain)
Title: “El Prado es inaccesibile”
Author: Angeles Lopez
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Publication Date: 12 October 2007

Publication: Que Leer (Spain)
Publication Date: October 2007

Publication: National Public Radio

Title: “Book Talk”

Author: Faith Middleton

Publication Date: 2 October 2007

Publication: 24 Hours Toronto

Title: “The Art of Crime”
Author: Kathleen Lippa
Photographer: Stefan Ruiz
Publication Date: 15 October 2007

Publication: NRC Next (Netherlands)
Title: “Kunstroof”

Author: Thalia Verkade

Photographer: Stefan Ruiz
Publication Date: 18 October 2007

Publication: Choate Rosemary Hall Bulletin
Title: “Noah Charney: Foiling Art Thefts”
Author: Janet Barrett
Photographer: Philip Rosenthal
Publication Date: November 2007

Publication: New Haven Register
Title: “Noah Charney Wants to be an Art Thief’s Worst Enemy”

Author: Donna Doherty

Photographer: Stefan Ruiz
Publication Date: November 26, 2007

Publication: The Bund Pictorial (China)
Author: Li Yinghze
Publication Date: October 2007

Publication: Colby Magazine
Author: Gerry Boyle
Publication Date: December 2007

Publication: Foote Prints

Title: “Bothering to Protect Art”
Author: Karla Vecchia
Publication Date: Winter 2007

Publication: Yale Daily News
Title: “’Sexy’ Art Crime Not Just in the Movies”
Author: Tiffany Petrosino
Photographer: Tiffany Petrosino
Publication Date: November 27, 2007


Publication: Arena Magazine (UK)
Title: “Must Read”

Author: Mat Smith

Photographer: Stefan Ruiz

Publication Date: January 2008

Publication: Tatler Magazine (UK)
Title: “Heist Almighty”
Author: Alice Rose
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Publication Date: January 2008

Publication: BBC Radio Four (UK)
Title: “Front Row”
Author: John Wilson
Publication Date: January 2008

Publication: Refresh (UK)
Title: “The Art Thief”
Author: Simon Sylvester
Photographer: Giovanni Troilo
Publication Date: January 2008

Publication: La Tercera (Chile)
Title: “Las oscuras rutas de la red de traffico de arte”
Author: Roberto Careaga
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Publication Date: 15 February 2008

Publication: Veja (Brazil)
Author: Carlos Graieb

Publication: CBC News & CBC Radio (Canada)

Title: “Organized Crime Likely Behind Swiss Art Heist”

Author: Nick Purdon

Publication Date: 15 February 2008

Publication: Tatler Hong Kong (China)

Title: “Raiders of the Lost Art”

Author: Tamara de Guzman

Publication Date: June 2008

Publication: The Scotsman (Scotland)

Title: “The Thomas Crown Effect”

Author: Susan Mansfield

Publication Date: 8 March 2008

Publication: Reforma (Mexico)

Title: “Es obras de la mafia”
Author: Lourdes Zambrano
Publication Date: 8 March 2008

Publication: Eleftherotypia (Greece)
Author: Cristina Panzou

Publication: D, Magazine of La Repubblica (Italy)
Author: Ambra Radaelli

Publication: Flair (Italy)
Title: “Critico d’Arte che Lotta Contro il Diabolik”
Author: Angelo Sica
Publication Date: June 2008

Publication: Corriere della Sera (Italy)

Title: “Io Investigatore”
Author: Enrico Mannucci
Publication Date: 8 May 2008

Publication: El Pais (Spain)
Title: “Los ladrones de arte copian de la ficcion”
Author: Eva Larrauri
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Publication: Deia/Diario de las Noticias (Spain)
Title: “Un Velasquez a cambio de drogas o armas”
Author: Maite Redondo
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Publication Date: 10 May 2008

Publication: Vancouver Radio (Canada)
Title: The Insider
Author: David Brindle
Publication Date: 27 May 2008

Publication: Limburgs Dagsblad
Title: “Charney’s strijd tegen kunstdiefstal”
Author: Arno Ruitenbroek
Publication Date: 12 July 2008

Publication: rePublic (NL)
Title: “Kunstroof stiefkind politie” COVER STORY

Author: Adrie Boxmeer

Photographer: Martijn de Vries
Publication Date: 18 July 2008

Publication: Aktueel (Netherlands)
Title: “De Kijktip van Noah Charney”
Publication Date: 29 July 2008

Publication: Primo TV Gids (Netherlands)
Title: “Vermeer en Picasso als onderpand bij drug- en wapendeals«
Author: Dominique Trachet
Publication Date: July 2008

Publication: Volkskrant (Netherlands)

Title: “Bedrog is Onderdeel van Het Spel”

Author: Inneke van den Bergen
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Publication: Jornal do Brasil (Brazil)
Title: “As pessoas amam ler sobres crime de artes”
Author: Clara Passi
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Publication: Nova (Slovenia)
Title: “Tat Umetnin”
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Publication Date: 29 September 2008

Publication: Jana (Slovenia)
Title: “Ujemite Tatu”
Author: Vito Tofaj
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Publication Date: October 2008

Publication: Delo (Slovenia)
Title: “Kraja Mone Lize ne bi Prinesla Zasluzka”
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Publication Date: 25 September 2008

Publication: Zurnal 24 (Slovenia)
Title: “Bondijad je Malo”
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Publication: TV Slovenija 1 (Slovenia Television)

Title: “Kultura”

Author: Andrej Doblehar

Publication Date: 25 September 2008

Publication: Zurnal 24 (Slovenia)
Title: “Bondijad je Malo”
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Publication Date: 29 September 2008

Publication: Nedeljski Dnevnik (Slovenia)
Title: “Tatovi umetnin in lepi Ursk”
Author: Maja Remi
Photographer: Maja Remi

Publication Date: 29 September 2008


April 12 and 13
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“Noah Charney: Picassso es el artista mas falsificado y robado por el crimen”

22 April 2010
La Razon (Spain) “Entravista de la Contra”

23 April
Cinque Dias (Spain) “Ir de Museos”

26 May 2010









June 2010
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Claus Luttebeck

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Mystic Lamb Best Book of 2010

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(see mp3)

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September 2011 in support of LOS LADRONES DEL CORDERO MISTICO

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Five Books Interview (UK)
11 September 2011

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Donna Bryson

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Thomas Sparrow
1 November 2011

Alberti’s Window
28 November 2011

Faith Middleton
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12 January 2012
Noah Charney is interviewed about “Stealing the Mystic Lamb”

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23 January 2012

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24 January 2012
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12 April 2012

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14 July 2012

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“U.S. returns more than 4,000 stolen antiquities to Mexico”
25 October 2012

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“Dobra ideja in dvajset minut”
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14 November 2012
“New Intelligence Body Set to Fight Illicit Trade in World’s Priceless Treasures”

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8 January 2013

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25 January 2013
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Taja Kordigel

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1 February 2013
“Is Art Theft an Act of Homage?”
Jonathan Jones


Publication: The Times of London

Title: "Lost Antiquities Rescued from Oblivion"

Author: Patrick Kidd

Publication Date: 11 Nov 2013

Publication: Voices of Russia (radio)

12 Nov 2013

Publication: CNN

"Mona Lisa: The Theft That Sparked the Legend"

19 Nov 2013

Publication: The Art Newspaper

"Recovery Rate for Stolen Art as Low as 1.5%"

December 2013


Publication: RTV Radio Slovenija

"On Writing and Publishing"

February 2014

Publication: Vecer (Sunday edition, Slovenia)

"Noah Charney"

4 May 2014

Publication: The New York Times

"New Technology for Fighting Art Looters"

8 May 2014

Publication: Delo Sobotna Preloga (Slovenia)

"Interview: Summer Reading"

5 July 2014

Publication: Dnevnik (Slovenia)

"Evropski avtorji komplicirajo"

7 October 2014


Publication: Delo (Slovenia)

"Zame Slovenjia je Dezela Priloznosti"

6 January 2015

Publication: Radio SI (Slovenia)

"Land of Dreams"

3 February 2015

Publication: Paris Match (France)

"Quand l'Art Pousse le Crime"

1 May 2015

Publication: RTV (Slovenia)

"Art Market"

16 May 2015

Publication: The Spectator (UK)

"Art of Forgery" Review

16 May 2015

Publication: The Art Newspaper

"Art of Forgery" Review

19 May 2015

Publication: Bloomberg Business

"Here's How to make a Million as an Art Forger"

21 May 2015

Publication: Maclean's

"Art Forgery: Better Than the Real Thing?"

25 May 2015

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"Art Forgers Fool the Experts with Genuine Works of Artistry"

8 May 2015

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"Art of Forgery and Bradley Cooper"

18 May 2015

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"Are Art Forgers Scoundrels or Merely Deluded Enthusiasts?"

27 May 2015

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June 2015

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"An Expert Probes the Bizarre Mindsets of Art Forgers"

13 June 2015

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9 June 2015

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"Motives of the World's Master Forgers"

20 June 2015

Publication: The New York Times

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21 June 2015

Publication: NPR

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23 June 2015

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"The Artful Dodger"

2 July 2015

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"Book Review: The Art of Forgery"

12 July 2015

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"Book Review: The Art of Forgery"

14 July 2015

Publication: Wall Street Journal

"Video Review: The Art of Forgery"

10 July 2015

Publication: Pop Matters

"Is The Art of Forgery a Work of Art"

3 August 2015

Publication: South Bend Tribune

"Book Details Colorful History of Art Forgery"

2 August 2015

Publication: The Daily Beast

"The Art Masters Who Conned Us"

11 August 2015

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"Roubo de Arte"

August 2015

Publication: Huffington Post

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21 Aug 2015

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1 Sept 2015

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1 September 2015

Publication: ORF (Germany)

"Kunst als krimi"

1 September 2015

Publication: In Arcadia Ego (Germany)

"Charney-Original Meisterfalscher"

14 Sept 2015

Publication: WOCA The Source Radio

"The Art of Forgery"

Publication: BYU Radio Sirius XFM

"Top of the Mind"

Pulication: de Volkskrant (NL)

"Kunstvervalsers zijn innemende types"

24 Sept 2015

Publication: De Afspraak (BE television)

22 Sept 2015

Publication: RTL Late Night (NL television)

24 Sept 2015

Publication: Cicero (Germany)


21 Sept 2015

Publication: ORF News (Austria)

"Die Meisterfalscher"

6 Oct 2015

Publication: NPR

"The Hidden Brain"

15 Dec 2015

Publication: Bol.com

"Noah Charney over de unst van het vervalsen

Publication: Books and Art (Australian Radio)

"The Art of Forgery on Books and Art"

21 Dec 2015

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