Slovenology - Noah Charney

Slovenology: Living & Traveling in the World's Best Country

Yes, that would be Slovenia...believe it or not.

This book is part memoir, part essay collection, part travel writing, and part guidebook. It is meant to act as a guide-in-hand while visiting Slovenia, but it can be read just as well from the comfort of your own home. It is a gathering of essays, shorts, and recommendations that are intentionally highly-subjective and personal. Most guidebooks offer too little about too many things, and strive for objectivity, which is all well and good, but tends to be dry and is not always helpful. When I travel, and when I read, I want big, juicy, ballsy opinions. I want the writer to be a three-dimensional character. So this book is not meant to replace your Lonely Planet or what have you, but offer an additional option, one that is deeper, more colorful, and that gives a sense of what it’s like to live in this remarkable, little-known country that I’ve chosen to call home. I know it inside-out, quite literally: as an outsider who has chosen to live here, and sees everything inside its borders with fresh, wide, wondering eyes. If you are reading this while abroad, either planning a trip to Slovenia or one of the millions of people the world over who stay up at night, just dying to know what it’s like to live there, I’d recommend reading cover to cover, though you can certainly dip in and bounce around. If you are on “the sunny side of the Alps” already and are using this as a guidebook, then consider following the recommended itineraries, which are dotted with essays linked to specific locations on the tourist trail, which you can read either in advance or while on-site. This last section of the book is designed as a point of reference in-hand when planning your visit to Slovenia, or while already here and setting out for adventures. Think of it as an appendix that you can flip to as needed, or read all the way through. This section also includes a menu guide, and suggestions on what to read, listen to, and buy, to get as much as possible out of your visit. I am constantly writing about Slovenia, and there is more to my Slovenology series than could fit between these pages. Some of these essays were originally published in various magazines, and some are brand new. For expanded essays, new and bonus material, you can visit or I hope you dig it here, whether your visit is virtual (reclining on your couch or, if my reading habits are any indication, perched upon your toilet), or actual. It is an amazing jewel of a country, one that I love, and love to share with other enlightened souls who come here. For all who come inevitably fall in love.

Published in 2017 by Beletrina, available in Slovenian and English editions. To buy in Slovenia, visit any bookstore or To buy abroad, click here.

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