Noah Charney

Noah Charney is an international best-selling author and professor of art history.

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Superpower Your Kids: A Professor’s Guide to Teaching Your Children Everything in Just 15 Minutes a Day

by Dr Noah Charney

Superpower Your Kids: A Professor’s Guide to Teaching Children Everything in Just 15 Minutes a Day is a fun, smart, engaging new parenting BOOK + APP from a best-selling author. For caring proactive parents, a perfect companion to help you through isolation time with your family. The BOOK is almost done and will come out shortly after the campaign. The funds cover basic production costs and we're on our way to superpower-dom! But if we hit our stretch goals, then we'll build an amazing companion APP to track your kids' progress, free for all backers!

We’ve all got our kids at home during this crazy isolation time we’re living through. As parents, we want to engage with our kids, inspire, teach and help them. But sometimes we run short on ideas, low on energy, and could use a little help.

Playing Lesson Games x 1-15 minutes a day = Getting Superpowers + Leveling Up

Teach your kids a single new thing each day through Lesson Games, taking as little as a minute and no more than 15. These mini lessons are designed like a flexible syllabus and presented with some professorial tricks to make them more fun and to better stick. This system uses the proven, scientific approach, including techniques used by Nobel Prize winners--to teach and empower young children. Take a big, complicated thing to learn and break it down into manageable, bite-sized pieces, scaled to whatever each child can handle...and enjoy.

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