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Selected Articles, Essays, and Columns

Noah is a regular columnist for Salon, The European Review of Books and Culture, Siol, Tendencias del Mercado del Arte, Fine Dining Lovers and other magazines and newspapers. His regular column, “The Secret History of Art,” was listed in the Italian magazine Panorama in 2012 as one of the most interesting art columns in the world. Noah also wrote a regular column for The Daily Beast,, a popular weekly interview series called “How I Write” which  continued as "The Confession Book" series in The European Review.  He writes regularly for The Guardian, the Washington Post, Aeonthe Atlantic, Zocalo Public Square, Plugin and many others, and has had regular columns in Salon, The Observer, Tendencias del Mercado del Arte, Fine Dining Lovers, Playboy and RTVThe following list of selected published articles excludes many published in ArtInfo, The Daily Beast, Fine Dining Lovers, Plugin and Tendencias del Mercado del Arte. He was also a founding editor of The European Review of Poetry, Books and Culture.

"Za praznicno zabavo: poskusaj vin!"

Dnevnik (13 Dec 2022)

"The Mountain Mixologist of the Slovenian Alps"

Gastro Obscura (16 Sept 2022)

"Bringing Monster Trout Back from the Brink"

Total Slovenia (5 Dec 2021)

"Plecnik Izven Ljubljane"

AirBeletrina (30 Nov 2021)

"Do NFTs Mean the End of Real Art?

The Art Newspaper (23 July 2021)

"Najboljše slovenske knjige v angleškem prevodu - leposlovje"

AirBeletrina (12 May 2021)

"Kako "brati" stavbe: pregled najboljshi sodobnih slovenskih arhitektov"

RTV (28 April 2021)

"Kako videti: pogled na sodobno slovensko fotografijo"

RTV (15 March 2021)

"Komedija nas resuje"

RTV (8 Feb 2021)

"21 Places to Go in 2021"

The Guardian (2 Jan 2021)


"Spoznajmo sodobne slovenske umetnike"

RTV (30 Dec 2020)

"Will Virtual Exhibits Replace In-Person Museum-Going?

The Art Newspaper (26 Dec 2020)

"Je umetnost razstavljanja umetniskih del igubljeni?"

RTV (Dec 2020)

"This Isn't Just Another Celebrity Liquor: Interview with Steven Soderbergh"

Flaviar (Nov 2020)

"Thanksgiving in Kamnik"

Total Slovenia (Nov 2020)

"Is This Floating Mountain the World's Most Beautiful Place?"

Thrive (1 Sept 2020)

"3 Ways to Turn Corona Lemons Into Lemonade"

Thrive (13 Aug 2020)

"TED's summer culture list"

TED Ideas (2 July 2020)

"A New Platform Looks to Revolutionize--and Democratize--How Stories Come to Screens"

Film International (9 July 2020)

"Virtual Grandparenting 102"

Thrive (29 June 2020)

"Corona Cookbook Comfort"

Thrive (28 June 2020)

"The Power of Boredom"

Chic Geek Diary (June 2020)

"The Superpower of Make-Believe and Role-Playing with Your Kids"

Thrive (27 June 2020)

"Virtual Grandparenting 101"

Thrive (25 June 2020)

"Tips for Visiting Art Museums with Children"

Michelle Solomon Art (23 June 2020)

"The Post-Corona Art World Will See a Marxist Revolution"

Medium (22 June 2020)

"Use Harry Potter To Teach Your Kids"

Five Little Doves (22 June 2020)

"1000% Funded: 10 Kickstarter Tips"

Medium (20 June 2020)

"4 Ways To Slow Down Our Happy Memories with Our Children"

My Spreadsheet Brain (19 June 2020)

"Teaching Your Kids 1 Minute at a Time"

Thrive (19 June 2020)

"Introducing the Classics: How To Serve Your Kids a Slice of Nostalgia Through Film"

Film International (19 June 2020)

"The Forbidding Little Adriatic Island Where Quarantine Began"

Zocalo (18 June 2020)

"All the Biggest Kickstarter Campaigns Have This in Common"

Medium (18 June 2020)

"A Professor's Guide to Introducing Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons and Video Games to Your Kids"

New Age Mama (17 June 2020)

"A Superpowered Cooking Course at Home with Your Kids"

Just Average Jen (16 June 2020)


Throomers (June 2020)

"How To Have the Best Parent Child Play Time Right Now"

Lies About Parenting (8 June 2020)

"The Ideal Lockdown Library"

Futures (4 June 2020)

"Do We Get Less Joy from Art When Viewing Online?"

The Observer (28 May 2020)

"Learning to Ski with My Daughters"

The Good Men Project (24 May 2020)


Atlas Obscura (May 2020)

"Creativity and Isolation: The Birth of the Reclusive Artist Myth"

The Observer (25 Apr 2020)

"An Art History Professor's Tips on Taking Your Kids on a World Tour"

The Observer (5 April 2020)

"Lockdown Escapes: Where I'll Visit When This is Over"

The Guardian (31 March 2020)

"I Love a Man Named Luka"

Total Slovenia (18 March 2020)

"How Slovenia's Monsters Came Back from the Dead"

National Geographic (16 March 2020)

"Vplivostni marketing se je zael s Charlie Sheenom"

Metropolitan (6 March 2020)

"Our Europe"

Guardian (7 March 2020)

"On the Trail of the Ghent Altarpiece"

Lonely Planet (3 March 2020)

"He stole Hitler's favorite painting: the genius of my friend Ulay"

Guardian (3 March 2020)

"Lost Art: Works with a Death Warrant"

The Art Newspaper (17 Feb 2020)

"What is Revealed by Reuniting Van Eyck's Masterpieces in Ghent"

Observer (15 Feb 2020)

"The 7 Best Things To Do in Vienna with Kids"

Lonely Planet (5 Feb 2020)

"Tiho Vode: Jezero in Ne-Triler"

AirBeletrina (1 Feb 2020)

"Pljuvati ali pogoltnjati?"

Metropolitan (2 Jan 2020)


"Favorite Foods of Famous Folk"

FDL (24 Dec 2019)

"The Wildest Mardi Gras You've Never Heard Of"

Lonely Planet (22 Dec 2019)

"Prosti cas po slovensko"

Metropolitan (21 Dec 2019)

"10 Traditional Winter Festivals Across Europe"

The Guardian (29 Nov 2019)

"Where locals go on winter holiday-Slovenia, Velika Planina"

The Guardian (23 Nov 2019)

"Croatia's Best Goat Cheese"

FDL (7 Nov 2019)

"Heavy on Coffee Consumption, Slovenia Takes to Specialty"

Sprudge (5 Nov 2019)

"A local's guide to Ljubljana"

The Guardian (21 Oct 2019)

"To save or  not to save, when works are in peril"

The Art Newspaper (18 Oct 2019)

"Najhitrejsi do objave v tujini"

AirBeletrina (Sept 2019)

"The Artist Behind Slovenia's Trump Statue Explains His Symbolism"

Observer (4 Sept 2019)

"Beyond the Cream Cake: A Foodie Day Tour of Bled"

Bled.si (Aug 2019)

"The Little Path on Bled Island"

Bled.si (Aug 2019)

"The Secrets of the Bled Cream Cake"

Bled.si (Aug 2019)

Bled.si (Aug 2019)

"Bled is a Jewel of Sustainable Tourism"

Bled.si (Aug 2019)

"Tuhinj Valley"

Atlas Obscura (8 Aug 2019)

"Samostan Mekinje Monastery"

Atlas Obscura (26 July 2019)

"The Mysterious Allure of Japan's Three Sacred Treasures"

The Art Newspaper (15 July 2019)

"Bled is a Jewel of Sustainable Tourism"

TIC Bled (July 2019)

"The Domzale Straw Hat Museum"

Atlas Obscura (June 2019)

"How to Self-Publish and Crowd-Fund Cookbooks"

Honest Cooking (31 May 2019)

"Can a Modern Family Portrait Be Frameworthy?

Quintessentially (20 May 2019)

"The Great Caravaggio Whodunnit"

TAN (21 May 2019)

"My Home is My Castle"

Quintessentially (15 May 2019)

"The Intrepid Herb Hunters Who Scour Alpine Mountains and Meadows for Top Chefs"

Gastro Obscura (13 May 2019)

"The Confession Book: Willie Perdomo"

European Review (8 Apr 2019)

"Alpine Ski Museum"

Atlas Obscura (April 2019)

"Lost Artists: Why Some Creators Disappear Without a Trace"

TAN (24 March 2019)

"Google Accidentally Helped Stop the Sale of a Looted Antiquity"

Observer (24 Mar 2019)

"How To Navigate the Art Market"

Quintessentially (14 Mar 2019)

"Behind the Scenes at a 3-Star Stage"

The European Review (5 March 2019)

"Escape from Goli Otok"

Total Slovenia (5 March 2019)

"Never Forget David Bowie Masterminded the Greatest Art Hoax in History"

Salon (23 Feb 2019)

"Lost Art: Should We Rebuild Ruined and Destroyed Castles?

TAN (12 Feb 2019)

"Cooking the Classics: Slovenian Potica"

FDL (7 Feb 2019)

"When a Documentary Isn't: Inside Slovenia's Non-Fiction Films"

Film International (11 Jan 2019)

"Lost Art: On the Trail of Vanished Cities of Legend"

TAN (4 Jan 2019)


"Velika Planina"

Atlas Obscura (Dec 2018)

"Kamnik-Gastro Obscura"

Gastro Obscura (21 Dec 2018)

"Traditional Gypsy Food"

FDL (7 Dec 2018)

"The Possibly Forged but Tantalising Sinaia Lead Plates"

TAN (4 Dec 2018)

"20 Years On, It's Time To Admit that Our Rules for Handling Nazi-Looted Art Have Failed"

Observer (21 Nov 2018)

"Art Fairs are Selling Looted Antiquities"

Observer (7 Nov 2018)

"Lesson from the Museum of the Bible"

Salon (29 Oct 2018)

"Why Banksy's Self-Destructing Girl with a Balloon is Even Better Shredded"

Salon (13 Oct 2018)

"5 Parenting Lessons I Learned By Raising My Kids in Slovenia"

Fatherly (3 Oct 2018)

"Salt Farming"

FDL (2 October 2018)

"Lost Art: The Joys of Ephemeral Art"

The Art Newspaper (1 Oct 2018)

"How I'm Teaching My European Kids to Love Baseball"

Fatherly (25 Sept 2018)

"Cooking the Classics: Quiche Lorraine"

FDL (7 Sept 2018)

"Lost Art: The Ghent Altarpiece"

The Art Newspaper (22 Aug 2018)

"A Beginner's Guide to American BBQ"

FDL (15 Aug 2018)

"Cooking the Classics: Ducle de Leche"

FDL (13 Aug 2018)

"5 Professional Tools No Kitchen Should Be Without"

FDL (27 July 2018)

"How Will the 6 Newly-Discovered De Koonings Be Authenticated?"

Observer (26 July 2018)

"What's the Motive Behind Most Art Thefts?"

Observer (9 July 2018)

"The World's Invisible Art Collections"

The Art Newspaper (16 July 2018)

"Are Great Chefs Also Great Artists?"

Taste (25 June 2018)

"Lost Art: Has Caravaggio's Missing Nativity Been Found?"

The Art Newspaper (16 June 2018)

"Italian Court Orders California's Getty Museum Must Give Up Its Beloved Bronze" 

Observer (14 June 2018)

"The Portrait that Churchill Couldn't Face"

Spectator (13 June 2018)

"Cooking the Classics: Caesar Salad"

FDL (13 June 2018)

"The Quest for the Smoking Unicorn"

European Review (5 June 2018)

"20 Great Traditional Festivals Across Europe"

The Guardian (3 June 2018)

"Is it really a Leonardo"

Aeon (23 May 2018)

"Lost, Stolen, Blown Up, Fed to Pigs: The Greatest Missing Masterpieces"

The Guardian (19 May 2018)

"Lost Art: Homer's Troy and Priam's Treasures"

The Art Newspaper (6 May 2018)

"The Best of Slovenia in a Day"

Washington Post (5 May 2018)

"Cooking the Classics: Salmon Coulibiac"

FDL (13 April 2018)

"Why I Fell in Love with Slovenia"

The Guardian (24 Mar 2018)

"Inside the Vasari Corridor"

Salon (11 Feb 2018)

"Lost Art: Rogier van der Weyden's Justice Cycle"

The Art Newspaper (4 Feb 2018)

"Damien Hirst and the Mockumentary"

Salon (28 Jan 2018)

"Behind the Scenes in Food Photography"

FDL (2 Jan 2018)

"How did the Modigliani Forgeries Get Into the Exhibition?"

Observer (24 Jan 2018)

"Scared of Flying?"

Adventure (16 Jan 2018)

"Cooking the Classics: Tarte Tatin"

FDL (14 Jan 2018)


"Choose Your Own Christmas Adventure"

Salon (24 Dec 2017)

"Western Art's Debt to the Islamic World"

Salon (10 Dec 2017)

"Inside the Mind of a Performance Artist"

Medium (4 Dec 2017)

"The Art of the Fake"

Salon (26 Nov 2017)

"Christie's Da Vinci Auction Reveals Why Forgers Love to Fake Masters"

Observer (15 Nov 2017)

"Lincoln's Spy"

Salon (11 Nov 2017)

"This 17th Century Slovenian Writer Gave the World Vampires"

Observer (30 Oct 2017)

"The Wild, Made For TV  Story of Criminology's First Secret Agent"

Salon (29 Oct 2017)

"Don't Judge a Building By Its Walls"

Salon (22 Oct 2017)

"Finding Cezanne In Goodnight Moon"

Salon (15 Oct 2017)

"Barney Smith is Selling the Contents of His Toilet Seat Art Collection"

Observer (3 Oct 2017)

"Hugh Heffner and the Art History of Naked Ladies"

Salon (1 Oct 2017)

"The Myth of the Art Thief"

Salon (24 Sept 2017)

"Is the Statue of Liberty Still Americ'as Icon?"

Salon (17 Sept 2017)

"Coking the Classics: Duck Confit"

FDL (13 Sept 2017)

"Caravaggio the Criminal, Part 2"

Salon (10 Sept 2017)

"Around the World in Weird Foods"

FDL (8 Sept 2017)

"Caravaggio the Criminal, Part 1"

Salon (3 Sept 2017)

"The Art of the War Memorial"

Salon (27 Aug 2017)

"Is European Writing Bad?"

Medium (25 Aug 2017)

"How We Lost the Seven Wonders of the World"

Salon (20 Aug 2017)

"Are Robots Moving Sculptures?"

Salon (13 Aug 2017)

"Grappling the Beast: The Story of East Bay Punk"

European Review (9 Aug 2017)

"The Met Python's Flying Circus"

Salon (6 Aug 2017)

"Why Do We Care Who Banksy Is?"

Salon (30 July 2017)

"Around the World in Hot Weather Foods"

FDL (28 July 2017)

"On Coffee Killing and Civet Poo"

European Review (24 July 2017)

"How Good is Dick, Anyway?"

Salon (23 July 2017)

"Pixies and the Surrealist Continuum"

Salon (16 July 2017)

"Cooking the Classics: Ukranian Borscht"

FDL (11 July 2017)

"Museum of the Bible is Busted"

Salon (9 July 2017)

"Did Jeff Really Paint That Koons?"

Salon (25 June 2017)

"Can a Small Slovenian Invention Democratize the Art World?"

Zocalo (22 June 2017)

"On Power Chords and Pollock"

Salon (18 June 2017)

"Around the World in 15 Sandwiches"

FDL (15 June 2017)

"What Mr Bean Tells Us About American Museums"

Salon (11 June 2017)

"Art Imitates Art?"

Salon (4 June 2017)

"Will a $10 million reward solve the world's biggest art heist?"

CNN (7 June 2017)

"Why Did the Nazis Steal So Many Books?"

Salon (26 May 2017)

"Around the World in BBQ"

FDL (19 May 2017)

"Art and the Genocide Memorial"

Salon (22 May 2017)

"Cooking the Classics: Madrid Cocido"

FDL (11 May 2017)

"The Art of the Art of Trump"

Salon (8 May 2017) 

"Picasso's Weapon Against Fascism"

Salon (30 April 2017)

"Chef Janez Bratovz: Pioneer of Slovenian Food"

FDL (26 April 2017)

"What You Don't Know About the Holy Grail"

Salon (23 April 2017)

"Christo has the Courage to Walk Away"

Salon (16 April 2017) with Diane Joy Charney

"Cooking the Classics: Boston Clam Chowder"

FDL (14 April 2017)

"You avoid fake designer handbags and watches, but what about furniture?"

Washington Post (10 April 2017)

"Hawaii Food"

FDL (10 April 2017)

"The 7 Essential Churches to Visit in Rome"

Conde Nast Traveler (8 April 2017)

"The Photos Matjaz Tancic Could Not Take in North Korea"

Observer (4 April 2017)

"La comida como obre de arte"

Tendencias del Mercado del Arte (April 2017)

"The Secret Lives of Works of Art"

Salon (2 April 2017)

"Art Attack: Why Do People Try to Destroy Masterpieces?"

Salon (26 March 2017)

"Dog or Baby"

Washington Post (17 March 2017)

"To Restore or Not To Restore: An Interview with Till-Holger Borchert"

The European Review (27 March 2017)

"The Affordable Art Paradox"

Salon (19 March 2017)

"The Secret of the Lost Hanging Gardens of Babylon?"

Salon (13 March 2017)

"Cooking the Classics: Southern Italian Zeppole"

FDL (10 March 2017)

"The Mystery of Europe's Disappearing Lake"

Adventure (10 March 2017)

"Light Laced with Darkness: American Gothic Art"

Observer (8 March 2017)

"Interview with Ferran Adria"

FDL (7 March 2017)

"Technology vs Art Thieves"

Wired (UK, March 2017 print magazine)

"Artist v Curator: Who Controls a Living Artist's Legacy?"

Observer (22 Feb 2017)

"Is There Any Truly Great American Art?"

Salon (19 Feb 2017)

"Sitting at Chef's Table"

FDL (17 Feb 2017)

"This Is your Brain on Fakes"

Salon (29 Jan 2017)

"Around the World in...Stuffings"

FDL (23 Jan 2017)

"No Deal For the Arts"

Salon (22 Jan 2017)

"Cooking the Classics: Portuguese Bacalao"

FDL (6 Jan 2017)

"The Art of Learning"

Salon (15 Jan 2017)

"Ljubezen na prvi mezik"

Zarja (3 Jan 2017)

"The Art Mystery in the Menu"

Salon (1 Jan 2017)


"Around the World in...Baked Goods"

FDL (14 Dec 2016)

"Magritte, David Lynch and How To Escape 'Living Death'"

Observer (27 Jan 2016)

"Explaining the Election to Slovenians"

Playboy (Dec 2016)

"A Few Good (Monuments) Men"

Salon (11 Dec 2016)

"Donald Trump's Modest Proposal"

Salon (20 Nov 2016)

"Slovenia's Trump Translator"

Salon (13 Nov 2016)

"Allegory, Mysticism, Dylan and Leonard Cohen"

European Review (13 Nov 2016)

"Sweet Home Paranoia"

Salon (4 Nov 2016)

"How the Skull is an Ally in Art"

Getty Magazine (2 Nov 2016)

"Even the Ghastliest Monsters of Old Were Better than Real-Life Horrors"

Zocalo (28 Oct 2016)

"Ulay Remembers the Crime of a Lifetime"

Observer (27 Oct 2016)

""The Art of David Ortiz"

Salon (16 Oct 2016)

"Restored and Ravishing: the Ghent Altarpiece Gives Up its Centuries-Old Mysteries"

The Guardian (12 Oct 2016)

"Hillary ima 85 odstotkov moznosti za zmago"

Siol (10 Oct 2016)

"How Much for the Naked Staring: the Price of Performance Art"

Salon (9 Oct 2016)

"8 Tips on Becoming a Rock Star of Performance Art"

Artspace (7 Oct 2016)

"The Art of the Lie"

Salon (2 Oct 2016)

"Why Libraries' Survival Matters"

Zocalo Public Square (30 Sept 2016)

"Ulay v Marina Abramovic: a Legal Analysis"

Salon (26 Sept 2016, with Edgar Tijhuis)

"Marina Abramovic Ex-Partner Claims Victory in Lawsuit"

The Guardian (21 Sept 2016)

"Kako se lahko Trump privoscite biti Trump"

Siol (20 Sept 2016)

"Teorija o kretenu"

Siol (13 Sept 2016)

"The Art of Brain-Hacking"

European Review (6 Sept 2016)

"6 Great Things About Slovenia That Have Nothing To Do with Melania Trump"

Washington Post (29 Aug 2016)

"Cooking the Classics: Nepali Dal Bhat"

FDL (23 Aug 2016)

"11 Slovenian Inventors"

Balkanist (18 Aug 2016)

"Five Tips from Running a Successful Crowd-Funding Campaign"

Artinfo (18 Aug 2016)

"On Alec Baldwin, Bait-and-Switches and Original Copies"

Observer (17 Aug 2016)

"The Criminologist's Guide to Parenting"

European Review (15 Aug 2016)

"Are Replicas Changing the Way We Experience Art?"

Zocalo Public Square (8 Aug 2016)

"An Author's Best Friend: Dog as Writing Aide"

European Review (12 Aug 2016)

"Does technological analysis destroy the romance of art history?"

Aeon (10 Aug 2016)

"Mother and Daughter Sauces"

FDL (21 July 2016)

"Cooking the Classics: Maltese Lampuki Pie"

FDL (14 July 2016)

"Did the Yugoslavs Help Put Apollo 11 on the Moon?"

NY Observer (20 June 2016)

"Cooking the Classics: Pad Thai"

FDL (2 June 2016)

"Around the World in Spice Mixes"

FDL (12 May 2016)

"Cooking the Classics: English Trifle"

FDL (6 May 2016)

"How Not to Buy Stolen, Looted or Forged Art"

NY Observer (5 May 2016)

"Eating the Classics: London"

FDL (25 April 2016)

"Bosch, Freud, Jung, Cronuts"

Salon (16 April 2016)

"Around the World in Rice Bowls"

FDL (8 April 2016)

"Relic Hunter"

Salon (5 March 2016)

"The Best Foods to Eat While Exercising"

Honest Cooking (17 March 2016)

"Cooking the Classics: Turkish Burek"

FDL (3 March 2016)

"This is Your Brain on Faux Foods"

Lucky Peach (11 Feb 2016)

"Around the World in...Meatballs"

FDL (12 Feb 2016)

"A Fake of Art"

Aeon (7 Feb 2016)

"Cooking the Classics: Texas Chili"

FDL (5 Feb 2016)

"The History of Restaurant Reviewing"

FDL (23 Jan 2016)

"Best Cooking Schools"

FDL (23 Dec 2015)

"Homebrew Your Own Beer"

FDL (17 Dec 2015)

"Cooking the Classics: Moroccan Tagine"

FDL (3 Dec 2015)

"Cooking the Classics: Peking Duck"

FDL (18 Nov 2015)

"The Wackiest Art Heist Ever"

Salon (14 Nov 2015)

"Ulay v Marina"

Guardian (11 Nov 2015)

"Eating the Classics: New York"

FDL (2 Nov 2015)

"Behind the World's Most Popular Hot Sauce"

FDL (30 Oct 2015)

"The Secret of the -Aises Sauces"

FDL (23 Oct 2015)

"In Tuscany, On the Piero Trail"

Artemest (Oct 2015)

"On the Spice Trail: Nutmeg, Mace, Clove"

FDL (15 Oct 2015)

"The Not Quite End of the Book Tour"

The Atlantic (17 Oct 2015)

"Cooking the Classics: New Mexican Chiles Rellenos"

FDL (2 Oct 2015)

"Critics Call it Evangelical Propaganda. Can the Museum of the Bible Convert Them?"

Washington Post (5 Sept 2015)

"Being a Stranger in a Land of Strange Foods"

FDL (17 Aug 2015)

"Did the Nazis Really Try to Make Zombies?"

Salon (22 Aug 2015)

"How To Spot a Fake"

Salon (16 Aug 2015)

"How To Have a Two-Hour Workday"

Buzzfeed (12 August 2015)

"Cooking the Classics: Korean Bibimbap"

FDL (11 August 2015)

"Velikom Stanleyu Kubricku otkrivao sam cari novoga Bronxa"

Vecernji List (in Croatian)

3 August 2015

"What Happens To Your Brain When You Look At Modern Art?"

ArtInfo (3 August 2015)

"Men Who Save the World: an Interview with Producer, Sharon Gan"

Film International (24 July 2015)

"Cooking the Claassics: Israeli Falafel"

FDL (17 July 2015)

"On the Spice Trail: Ginger"

FDL (21 July 2015)

"American Movies vs European Films: a Review of Leaves of the Tree"

Film International (15 July 2015)

"10 Picks from the Artspace Catalogue"

Artspace (9 July 2015)

"Lost Art: Michelangelo's Sleeping Eros"

The Art Newspaper (June 2015)

"What You Can Learn from Machiavelli"

Rewire Me (13 June 2015)

"Secrets of the Master Forgers"

BBC (1 June 2015)

"Game of Thrones in Combat: How Realistic are the Fight Scenes?"

Salon (25 May 2015)

"An American's Guide to Eurovision"

Salon (19 May 2015)

"The Art of Forgery"

Times (16 May 2015)

"The Real Life Indiana Jones"

CNN (21 April 2015)

"ISIS and the Corrupt Art Trade"

Salon (12 April 2015)

"Na Sledi Pogresanim Miljionem"

Playboy (April 2015)

"Cooking the Classics: Polish Pierogi"

FDL (April 2015)

"Odkrite izginule slovenske glagloe oblike"

AirBeletrina (1 April 2015)

"On the Spice Trail: Cinnamon"

FDL (March 2015)

"Film Review: Tall Tales (2015)"

Film International (30 March 2015)

"Sous-Vide Cooking at Home"

FDL (13 March 2015)

"History of Salt"

FDL (5 March 2015)

"Cooking the Classics: Swiss Rosti"

FDL (Feb 2015)

"You Should Really Be Reading This: Rabih Alamedinne"

The Believer (Feb 2015)

"The Da Vinci Squabble"

Hemispheres (Jan 2015)

"Cooking the Classics: Turkish Baklava"

FDL (2 January 2015)

"Cracking the Sitcom Code"

Atlantic (28 Dec 2014)

"The History of Christmas Traditions"

FDL (24 Dec 2014)

"Why So Many Art Forgers Want To Get Caught"

Atlantic (22 Dec 2014)

"Home Alone's secret lessons: how to foil art thieves"

Salon (22 Dec 2014)

"America's Vaping Revolution"

Salon (Dec 2015)

"Cooking the Classics: Gingerbread"

FDL (5 Dec 2014)

"Are You Watching the Greatest Skier in History?"

The Atlantic (28 November 2014)

"You Should Really Be Reading This: Kate Zambreno"

The Believer (3 Nov 2014)

"What Language Does Food Speak? Interview with Dan Jurafsky"

FDL (29 Oct 2014)

"Writing with Miha Mazzini"

Bookslut (October 2014)

"You Should Really Be Reading This...Eimear McBride on Agota Kirstof's The Notebook"

The Believer (30 Sept 2014)

"Project Cancer Film Review"

Film International (22 September 2014)

"Jewish Holiday Cooking: a Guide on What To Eat"

FDL (22 September 2014)

"You Should Really Be Reading This: Eimear McBride"

The Believer (30 Sept 2014)

"5 Craziest Art Investments Ever"

Esquire (26 August 2014)

"A Match Made in Heaven: an Introduction to Rioja Wine"

Honest Cooking (13 August 2014)

"The Art of the Steal" Film Review

Film International (10 July 2014)

"Cooking the Classics: Brazilian Churrasco"

FDL(July 2014)

"Here and There: an Interview with Mitja Okorn"

Film International (vol 12, July 2014)

"The Weakest Link: Battle over Slovenian Sausage"

Hemispheres (June 2014)

"Cooking the Classics: Jambalaya"

FDL(June 2014)

"The Medieval Cookbook"

Gastronomica (Summer 2014)

"Dveurni Delovni Dan" (in Slovenian)

AirBeletrina (May 2014)

"Bearded Ladies, from Ribera to Eurovision"

The Art Newspaper (16 May 2014)

"Egg Cooking Books: Interview with Michael Ruhlman"

FDL (15 May 2014)

"Cooking the Classics: Pavlova"

FDL (2 May 2014)

"Cooking the Classics: Sushi"

FDL (31 March 2013)

"Filming Living History: Interview with Michael Rossi, Award-Winning TV Documentary Producer"

Film International (28 March 2014)

"Tasting Schnapps the Slovenian Way"

FDL (March 2014)

"Kultura zdravje"

AirBeletrina (March 2014, in Slovenian)

"Monuments Men Sought To Return Most Desired Object in History"

San Francisco Chronicle (15 Feb 2014)

"The British Origins of the Monuments Men"

The Art Newspaper (15 Feb 2014)

"Imagining Hitler's Fantasy Museum"

The Daily Beast (7 Feb 2014)

"The Real Monuments Men Are Even More Heroic"

Here's my latest article for Esquire, on today's Monuments Men.

Esquire (7 Feb 2014)

"Interview with Kobe Desramaults"

FDL (3 Feb 2014)

"Ljubljana Food Guide"

FDL (31 Jan 2014)

"Is Sherlock Holmes a Good Detective?"

The Daily Beast (26 Jan 2014)

"Types of Coffee: a Guide"

FDL (24 Jan 2014)

"Cooking the Classics: Vietnamese Pho"

FDL (10 Jan 2014)

"Manliest Baby Product"

Esquire (23 Dec 2013)

"Hitler's Hunt for the Holy Grail"

The Daily Beast (21 Dec 2013)

"The Ghent Altarpiece: the Most Stolen Artwork of All Time"

The Guardian (20 Dec 2013)

Most Popular Article of the Day

"Cooking the Classics: Christmas Pudding"

Fine Dining Lovers (16 Dec 2013)

"Did the Nazis Also Steal the Mona Lisa?

CNN (13 December 2013)

"How to Steal from LACMA"

Flaunt (14 Nov 2013)

"Food Guide to Ghent"

Fine Dining Lovers (2 Dec 2013)

"Nazi Art Hoard Just the Tip of the Iceberg of Lost Art"

The Daily Beast (13 Nove 2013)

"Did the Nazis Steal the Mona Lisa?"

The Guardian (12 Nov 2013)

Editor's Pick and Most Popular Article of the Day

“Art Crime in North America”

Chapter in Saskia Hufnagel and Duncan Chappell (ed.) Contemporary Perspectives on the Detection, Investigation and Prosecution of Art Crime: Australasian, European and North American Perspectives (Ashgate 2013)

“The History of Transnational Trafficking in Stolen Art and Antiquities”

Chapter in Edgar Tijhuis and Gerben Bruinsma (ed.) Histories of Transnational Crime (Springer 2013)

"Taste of the Soviet Union"

Fine Dining Lovers (Nov 2013)

"Hollywood's Next Big Monster Will Be..."

Esquire (31 October 2013)

"Bill Murray Interview"

Esquire (October 2013)

"Je slovenska esejistka slaba"
AirBeletrina (in Slovenian, October 2013)

“What Breaking Bad Stole from Sophocles”
Esquire (September 2013)

“The Story Playlist”
The New Haven Review (Summer 2013, plus 30-part series online)

"Monkey Butt Coffee"
Honest Cooking
(Spring 2013)

“The Passive Hero: From Yugoslavia to Independence, an Investigation of Slovenian Film”
Film International (June/July 2013)

“Cooking the Classics: Boeuf Bourgognon”
Fine Dining Lovers (1 April 2013)

“Wine Making”
Fine Dining Lovers (29 March 2013)

“Slovenia’s Culinary Surprises”
Fine Dining Lovers (1 March 2013)

“What’s Love Got To Do with It? A Short History of Valentine’s Day”
Electrum (14 Feb 2013)

“A Polish-Slovenian Christmas, Hollywood-Style: An Extraordinary Young Slovenian Director and Poland’s Most Popular Film”
Kamera (Feb 2013)

“Interview with Lia Purpura”
Bookslut (January 2013)

“Cook Like a Man This Winter, Braising 101 and Peposo
Honest Cooking (January 2013)

“Introduction to the Poetry of Vlado Kreslin”
Introduction to Instead of Whom Does the Flower Bloom: the Poetry of Vlado Kreslin (Guernica Editions 2012)

“Christmas Gifts’ Darker Side”
San Francisco Chronicle (24 Dec 2012)

“Night at the Natural History Museum”
Paraphilia Magazine (Dec 2012)

“Art Theft in Connecticut”
Connecticut Magazine (Dec 2012)

“Publishing in Slovenia”
The Tottenville Review (5 Dec 2012)

“A Cabinet of Curiosities” Book Review
Bookslut (Nov 2012)

“The Saga of the Takeaway Rembrandt”
ArtInfo (9 Nov 2012)

“A Fellowship of Pork”
Honest Cooking (7 Nov 2012)

“Shrouded in Mystery”
Apollo (1 July 2012)

“Did Tito Kill Stalin?”
The Daily Beast (6 July 2012)

“Book Review: The Tyranny of Choice”
Tottenville Review (25 June 2012)

“The Wine Forger’s Handbook”
FINE Wine Magazine (2012)

“Mark Landis: the Gift Forger”
New Orleans Magazine (August 2012)

“Ghost Story versus Salem’s Lot”
Suspense Magazine (July 2012)

“Studying Art Crime”
The Eagle (St. John’s College, Cambridge, 2012 edition)

“Interview with Benjamin Wallace”
Wine Enthusiast (June 2012)

“Slovenian Feats of Manliness”
Salon (17 April 2012)

“How I Write: Jodi Picoult”
The Daily Beast and The Week (3 April 2012, the first in a weekly series)

“One Step Closer to a Lost Leonardo”
San Francisco Chronicle (20 March 2011)

“The Ghent Altarpiece as Never Before”
LA Times (11 March 2011)

“Book Review: Three Books on Fakes and Forgeries”
CAA Reviews (2011)
Exhibition Review: Leonardo, Painter at the Court of Milan
Books & Culture (2011)

“The Flip Side: Letter”
The New Yorker (2011)

“Protecting Cultural Heritage from Art Theft”
FBI Bulletin (March, 2012)

“Chichot Giocondy”
Forum (Poland, 2011)

“An Art Theft Anniversary”
LA Times (2011)

“The Lure of Venice”
Sotheby’s at Auction Magazine (June 2011)

“Exhibition Review: Palazzo Farnese, Rome”
ArtInfo (30 March 2011)

“Our Treasures: Fifteen Must-See Artworks in Connecticut”
Connecticut Magazine (August 2011), winner of an Excellence in Journalism award

“Twelve Must-See Artworks in Seattle”
Seattle Met Magazine (April 2011)

“Top Ten Artworks in New Orleans”
New Orleans Magazine (June 2011)

“Luca Signorelli and Orvieto Classico”
Wine Enthusiast Magazine (May 2011)

“Stealing Picasso in Madrid and the Sinister Side of Art Theft”
India Times (India) and Suite 101 (2 Dec 2010)

“Inside the Book Tour”
Suite 101 (November 2010)

“Secure Display, Insecure Response”
Museums & Heritage Magazine (Winter 2010)

“Pisatelj v Sloveniji”
Tunjski Glas (Slovenia, Fall 2010)

“Art Crime Security”
The Review of International Affairs (Spring 2010)

“How Crime Syndicates Have Taken Over the Trade in Stolen Art”
The Criminologist (2009)

“Art Crime in Context”
The Crime Report (2009)

“Caravaggio and Cappucino Crawl”
The Roman Forum Magazine (2009)

“2008 in Review: Art Crimes of the Year”
ArtInfo Magazine (30 Dec 2008)

“Phoney Warriors”
Tatler Magazine (September 2008)

“Four Art Crimes and Their Affect on the Art Trade”
ArtInfo Magazine (August 2008)

“Must-See Artworks in Belgium”
Gazet van Antwerpen Belgian National Newspaper (July 2008)

“Museum Security Re-Evaluated”
The Scotsman Scottish National Newspaper (23 April 2008)

“Chasing Dr No: Art Crime Fact vs Fiction”
UIA, Unione Internationale des Avocats (May 2008)

“How To Steal From the Prado”
El Pais, Spanish National Newspaper Sunday Magazine (Spain, 14 September 2007)

“Steal the World: A Study of Map Theft”
ABC, Spanish National Newspaper (Spain, December 2007)

“Brazen Serpent” (fiction)
Imprint, literary magazine (2004)
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