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The European Review of Poetry, Books and Culture is a new online literary magazine. Funded by the European Union under the umbrella Versopolis project, it aims to provide an Anglophone publication, in the vein of the New York Review of Books and the London Review of Books, but focused on continental Europe.

Publishing 1-2 new articles every weekday, its scope is pan-European, with great new writing on books, poetry, art, film, music, thought, travel, opinion and more.

Mondays: interviews and The Confession Book Q&A series on writing and the writing life.

Tuesdays: art and culture

Wednesdays: book and poetry reviews

Thursdays: columnists (four columnists write an article a month for a three-month residency)

Fridays: “long read” essays

Noah edits the reviews and arts sections, and contributes an essay on art each week.

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