Welcome to Slovenology, where my collected writings on my life in Slovenia are gathered. They come from a wide variety of published sources, but we'll also include some bonus unpublished material. Here are links to essays of mine that are about Slovenia, but are written in English, for anyone visiting, curious about, or moving to this amazing country.

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Selection of Published Articles on Slovenia

"Komedija nas resuje"

RTV (8 Feb 2021)

"Spoznajmo sodobne slovenske umetnike"

RTV (30 Dec 2020)

"Je umetnost razstavljanja umetniskih del igubljeni?"

RTV (Dec 2020)

"Thanksgiving in Kamnik"

Total Slovenia (Nov 2020)

"Is This Floating Mountain the World's Most Beautiful Place?"

Thrive (1 Sept 2020)

"When a Documentary Isn't: Inside Slovenian Non-Fiction Films

Film International (11 Jan 2019)

"The Best of Slovenia in One Day"

Washington Post (May 2018)

"Why I Fell in Love with Slovenia"

The Guardian (Mar 2018)

"Odkrite izginule slovenske glagloe oblike"

AirBeletrina (1 April 2015)

"Land of Dreams: Interview with Noah Charney"

Radio SI (3 February 2015)

"Are You Watching the Greatest Skier in History?"

The Atlantic (28 November 2014)

"Writing with Miha Mazzini"

Bookslut (October 2014)

"Project Cancer Film Review"

Film International (22 September 2014)

"The Weakest Link: Battle over Slovenian Sausage"

Hemispheres (June 2014)

"Tasting Schnapps the Slovenian Way"

FDL (March 2014)

"Kultura zdravje"

AirBeletrina (March 2014, in Slovenian)

"Ljubljana Food Guide"

FDL (31 Jan 2014)

"Bill Murray Interview"

Esquire (October 2013)

"Monkey Butt Coffee"

Honest Cooking (Spring 2013)

“A Polish-Slovenian Christmas, Hollywood-Style: An Extraordinary Young Slovenian Director and Poland’s Most Popular Film”

Kamera (Feb 2013)

“Publishing in Slovenia”

Tottenville Review (5 Dec 2012)

“A Fellowship of Pork”

Honest Cooking (7 Nov 2012)

“Did Tito Kill Stalin?”

The Daily Beast (6 July 2012)

“Book Review: The Tyranny of Choice”

Tottenville Review (25 June 2012)

“Slovenian Feats of Manliness”

Salon (17 April 2012)

“Inside the Bled Film Festival”

Film International

"The Passive Hero: an Introduction to Slovenian Film"

Film International (print only)

Slovenology the Podcast

Life and Travel in Slovenia, the World's Best Country

Noah's podcast, partly sponsored by the US Embassy in Slovenia, includes his essays on Slovenia as well as interviews with famous and interesting Slovenes. There are episodes in English and Slovene and a few in both languages. Fall in love with "the world's best country" while vacuuming, commuting or otherwise looking for auditory distraction from your primary task!

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