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Noah is a professor of art history specializing in art crime and art historical mysteries and iconography. He also teaches writing and writing for publication. He teaches Masters level courses on the ARCA Postgraduate Certificate Program in Art Crime and Cultural Property Protection, at university level at American University of Rome and University of Ljubljana, and at advanced pre-college level for Brown University. He was also recently chosen by The Teaching Company to film one of his courses for their Great Courses series.

These are some of Noah's popular courses.

The History of Art in 12 Paintings
Noah has been chosen by The Teaching Company to prepare a featured course for their prestigious Great Courses series. He will film a course of his design, called "The History of Art in 12 Paintings," which will be published in the summer of 2015. Noah is the youngest professor ever to be featured in the Great Courses series.

Art Crime and Its History
Noah teaches this Masters-level course every summer in Italy, as part of the ARCA Postgraduate Certificate Program in Art Crime and Cultural Property Protection, a program that he founded. It covers the history of art crime (theft, forgery, antiquities looting, war looting, iconoclasm, art security and policing) with an eye to how the analysis of historical cases can help protect and recover art today.

Traffickers, Forgers, and Thieves
Noah teaches this undergraduate seminar at American University of Rome. It covers art crime from historical and criminological perspectives and is a slightly more basic counterpart to the Masters-level "Art Crime and Its History."

The Mystery Paintings
This undergraduate course, taught at American University of Rome, investigates paintings that were intended to be mysterious, visual riddles, puzzles to be unpacked by viewers. Along the way, students learn a vocabulary of iconography and symbolism that allows them to interpret a broad variety of works in the Western tradition. The course focuses extensively on Velazquez' "Las Meninas," van Eyck's "Ghent Altarpiece," Bronzino's "Allegory of Love and Lust," and Caravaggio's "Saint Matthew Cycle."

Secrets & Symbols of Roman Art and Architecture
Noah's hugely popular annual summer course, taught for Brown University and based at the St Stephen's School in Rome, is a field course, with each class taught on-site throughout the city of Rome. The course is regularly over-booked and has inspired numerous art history majors.

Writing for Publication
Noah has recently begun to teach courses in writing, with a specific eye toward the little-taught practical side of how to become a professional writer. He details how to get an agent, how to craft a winning non-fiction book proposal, and other practical matters, in addition to more standard material on the craft of good writing of fiction and non-fiction.
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